How to Snowboard - 10 Beginner Skills Video

How to Snowboard – 10 Beginner Skills Video

How to Snowboard – 10 Beginner Skills Video

Learn how to snowboard with these 10 beginner skills for your first day. These  beginner snowboarding skills are going to help you get around the mountain, go down your first run and prepare you for the chairlift. Everyone learns how to snowboard at their own pace, so it’s fine if you spread these skills over a few days.
The first beginner snowboarding skill your going to learn is how to skate. Skating is how you get around with one foot strapped into your board. This skill will get you to the run and also to and from the chairlift. I prefer to skate with my free foot behind my board, using it to push me across the flat area.
You also need to know how to walk up hills. The best way to walk up a hill is to put your board across the slope and walk with your free foot infront of your board. With each step you take, dig in your toe edge. This will stop your snowboard from sliding downhill.
Now that you can skate and walk up hills it’s time to do some one footed riding. This is a skill that is absolutely necessary for getting off the chairlift. To practice find a very small slope where you point your board straight and ride with your free foot between your bindings. To stop yourself, move your free foot to the edge of your board and drag your heel or toe in the snow.
When you’re ready to go down a small slope the first thing you need to do is strap up both feet. The easiest way to do this is to sit down facing the bottom of the run with the board below you. Strap your board up one foot at a time with your knees bent so you can reach the straps. If you need to put your board down for a second make sure you snowboard is upside down, so it doesn’t slide away.
Once you’re strapped up it time to stand up and start sliding. To stand up start by reaching one hand forward and grabbing your board. Use this hand to pull yourself up, and at the same time push yourself up from behind. If you find this hard, get a friend to help you up the first few times.
Your first time down the slope, you’re just going to be controlling your speed, by sliding on your heel edge. With the heel slide the more you lift your toe edge away from the snow, the more your heel edge will dig in and slow you down. As you slide your body should be balanced over your board with your knees and hip bent, your back fairly straight, with your hands at your sides. To slide back and forth, point and put a little more weight into the direction you want to go.
The next skill for learning how to snowboard is to control your speed on your toe edge, but because we haven’t gotten to turning yet you’ll have to sit down and roll over. The easiest way I find to roll over is to lay back, grab your leg and pull your board over as you roll.
For toe sliding you control your speed by lifting your heel edge away from the snow to slow down, or let your heels get closer to the snow to slide faster. Think of pushing your knees forward into the snow as you slide to help dig your toes in more. Slide back an forth across the hill by looking and pointing in the direction you want to go.
Once you’re confident controlling speed with your heel and toes, it’s time get you board to go straight down the hill. Find a beginner area to try this where you won’t pick up too much speed. To make you snowboard go straight, start by putting more weight over your front foot, at the time point your front hand and shoulder downhill and you back hand and shoulder uphill. With your board going straight you can take the pressure off your boards edge and let you snowboards run flat.
Next step in learning how to snowboard is turning your board and control your speed. Just like you were practicing with the heel and toe sliding, you boards needs to be across the hill and on edge to control your speed. For the toe turn you need to turn and face the top of the slope, at the same time apply pressure to your toe edge. For the heel turn, turn and face the bottom of the slope, and at the same time put pressure your heel edge to turn your board and control your speed.
So I hope this video will give you some skills for learning how to snowboard and prepare you for your first day of riding. Use the hashtag “firstdayriding” to connect with other people learning how to snowboard and to share photos and videos of your experience. Remember to give this video a thumbs up if it helped you out. If you have any question about learning how to snowboard and these ten beginner snowboarding skills you can leave the in the comment section. Check out the beginner snowboard playlist for more tips! Thanks for watching and I’ll see ya in the next video!

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My name is Kevin Pearce and I'm the creator of Snowboardprocamp. Since 2011 I've been producing snowboard tutorials for beginner to advanced riders. I taught snowboarding for over ten years and it was the best experience of my life. My reason for creating Snowboardprocamp was so that I could share that experience and make snowboarding accessible to people. I was full-time snowboard coach in Whistler B.C for the eight years. I taught on the mountain five days a week, freeriding with students and teaching them tricks in the terrain park. In the terrain park I have experience teaching everything from beginner tricks in the small park to more advanced tricks on larger jumps. I have extensive alpine knowledge, where I took students through secret powder stashes and off cliff drops. I'm also very experienced teaching beginner riders on their first day and progressing them to an advanced level. Whistler was a great place for me to develop my riding and teaching skills because of the size of our mountains, the amount of snow we get each year, and our long season from November to May. If you're looking to get into snowboarding or progress your riding, subscribe to this page, check out the videos, and stay tuned!