10 Snowboard Grabs

10 Snowboard Grabs – Snowboarding Trick List

10 Snowboard Grabs – Snowboarding Trick List

10 Snowboard grabs you can start adding to your snowboard trick list. I’ll go around the snowboard breaking down all the basic snowboard grabs and a few more technical ones too.
Lets start with the tail grab. This is where you reach your back hand to grab the tail of your snowboard. To add style to the snowboard grab and to make it easier, tilt your board by straightening your front leg as you bend your back.
Next go for the Indy by grabbing your toe edge with your back hand, between your bindings. The Indy is a good beginner snowboard grab because you can do it off small jumps.
Similar to the Indy is the Mute grab, with the difference being you’re grabbing your toe edge with your front hand. Add some style to the Mute by straightening out your back leg to poke out your tail.
Combine the Indy and Mute together to go for a Gorilla Grab. This grab isn’t very common, but it’s a lot of fun, especially if you straight both legs and make it into a stiffy.
Next go for the Nose grab. This is where your front hand grabs the nose of your board. By bending your front leg and extending your back you’ll tilt your board and make this snowboard grab easier with more style.
Once you get comfortable with the nose grab, bring your back hand to your nose and get the Rocket grab. The key for Rocket grabs is flexibility so do some stretching to help pull it off.
Next take your front hand and grab your heel edge between your binding for the Melon grab. Ad some style to the melon by straightening out your front leg to poke out the nose of your board.
Build on the Melon by going for a Method grab. The difference is in the method grab you twist your board around in front of you and stretch your back foot away from your back hand.
Another basic snowboard grab and one I like to do on hips is the Stalefish. For this grab you back hand grabs your heel edge between your bindings.
Finally ad some creativity to your grabs by doing a double nose / tail grab. This grabs easier to do when you’re comfortable on big jumps, where you have lots of air time to get both grabs in.
So start adding some of these grabs into your trick list! If there’s a snowboard grab you want to learn that I didn’t cover, leave it comment section and I’ll add it to the next grab video. Thanks for watching guys!

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