10 Snowboard Tricks

10 Snowboard Tricks to Learn Next – Tutorial Video

10 Snowboard Tricks to Learn Next – Tutorial Video

10 snowboard tricks to learn next on your snowboard. These snowboard tricks are in order and each one will teach you a skills you can use in the next trick on the list. Remember to learn at your own pace and practice in a safe area.
The first snowboard trick on the list is tripods. Tripods are a fun butter trick and will challenge you to take your weight past your tail. Get used to the tripod by first doing them on the spot where you plant your hands in the snow and practice balancing your body. When you’re ready for the run, I find that its easier to do the tripod on a steeper slope.
Next, take your ollie skills and reverse them to get the nollie. Nollies are sometimes forgotten, but if you can add them to your trick list they can add a lot of style to your riding. The key for a good nollie is moving your weight to the nose of your boards and extending off your front foot.
In the last list we learned front 3’s, and now its time for the back 3! Back 3’s outside the park are a safe way to get used to spinning. It’s also gives you the time to perfect your line in, wind up, and pop which are the three skills needed to get the back 3 around.
Continue to improve your spinning skills by spinning butters. Butters are fun because you can do them at anytime and without a terrain park. Butters will teach your how to create spin, and how to hold a press.
Next head into the park for Back Shifty’s. You can first practice your back shifty on the snow, then take the movement into the air. Twisting in the air with your back foot across and your back hand countering. Mastering the Back shifty will help you with next trick on the list, Method grabs.
The method is a classic snowboard grab and one that you can add a lot of style to. The breakdown of the method grab is to simply grab your heel edge with your front hand, either between your bindings or infront of your binding. At the same time twisting in the air to bring your board around in front of you.
Another snowboard trick that you’ll need your back shifty skills for is the front boardslide. This is stylish trick that you can start practicing on easy boxes. Take your time progressing the boardslide, first getting onto the box 5050 and twisting out the boardslide more each time.
Now it time for the first spin to learn on a jump, the frontside 180. The front 1 is great spin to start with because you can see the takeoff and landing the entire time. Use the same skill you gained doing 180’s outside the park to breakdown the trick and land it successfully.
At the same time as learning the frontside 180 you can start practicing the backside 180. It’s a slightly more difficult spin because the landing is blind, but it can also be a bit easier because your taking off from your toe edge. Switch riding is really key for 180 tricks, so you have the confidence to commit to the switch landing.
Combine your front and back 180 skills together for doing 180’s on and off a box. For this trick you do a different style of 180, where you use a twisting motion to get the 180 around clean and quick. Practice your twisting 180 motion outside the park first so you have the muscle memory for when it’s time to hit the box.
Have fun adding these ten snowboard tricks to your trick list and working though each one. To share photos and videos of your snowboard tricks, and if you want feedback, connect on Instagram and use the hashtag #mytricklist. For videos to help you learn all these snowboard tricks check out the trick playlist. Give this video a thumbs up if it help you out. Remember to Subscribe guys and I’ll see ya in the next video!

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