How to Snowboard Toeside – Three Tips to Turn on your Toe Edge

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Having trouble turning toe side on your snowboard? Turning onto the toe edge is definitely the harder edge to turn onto. I’ve got three tips to make the toe turn easy.

1. First I like to break the toe turn down into three parts. Being on your heels, pointing your snowboard straight, and finally onto your toes. A good trick to get your snowboard from heels to straight is to point your front hand, straight down the hill, and lean a bit more on your front foot. These two things will make your snowboard go straight. Try this on a very gentle slope. An extra thing to try is point your back hand straight up the hill.

2. Now that your snowboard is straight, start to pull your back hand back, so that your shoulders start to face the top of the hill. While you’re doing this start to push onto your toe edge. Pulling your hand back and facing your shoulders to the top will make your snowboard face the same way. Pushing on your toes will get you on your toe edge.

3. Once you’re on your toes bend your knees with equal weight on each foot, and slow yourself down. You want to spend as much time on your toe edge as your heel edge, so practice staying on your toes, until you are in control of your snowboard.

Good luck with your toe side turns! Leave a comment if your need any more tips, or Like this article if it helped you.




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