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5 Skills to Improve Snowboarding for Jumps and Tricks

5 Skills to Improve Snowboarding for Jumps and Tricks

5 skills that will improve your snowboarding and prepare you for doing jumps and tricks in the terrain park. Go from being a beginner to an advanced rider. A lot of people think that you become good at snowboarding tricks and jumps by riding in the terrain park, but you actually need to develop a strong set of snowboarding skills outside the park first. I’m going to go through five snowboarding skills that will make you a better snowboarder and get you on the path riding park.
The first skill is the ability to ride with speed. For hitting a jump you’ll be riding in with speed, but you’re also going to be landing with even more speed. So it’s important that you’re comfortable riding at high speeds. Work on increasing your speed at your own pace and in an area of the mountain that’s not too busy.
The second skill is tied directly to the first and that is being able to control your speed. In the park you need to be able control speed as you ride up to a feature and then controlling your speed is the first thing you’ll do when you land. You can work on controlling your speed by doing quick speed checks as you ride.
The next skill you want to develop is your overall balance on your snowboard. When you’re doing tricks in the park your balanced is constantly behind challenged. A great way to improve your balance is by riding different types of terrain. Riding on uneven runs, in the moguls, through trees and in powder.
A snowboarding skill that used all the time in tricks is carving. Whether you’re spinning off a jump or doing your first 180, carving is the platform that sets up these tricks. Take your time when your learning to carve, it does take a lot of practice, but if you delicate yourself to it, it will pay off in the park.
The final snowboarding skill and probably most important is riding switch. Switch is use in most tricks, your either taking off switch or landing switch. I personally try to spend at least half my day riding switch. When you’re first learning it can be be tough for the first few turns but once you get the hang of it, it opens up the possibility for so many different tricks.
I hope you start working on these five skills and it gets you on the path to hitting jumps and doing tricks.. It would be awesome to hear how you progress through these skills and feel free to leave any question. If you found this video helpful remember to like, share and subscribe. I’ll see you in the next video!

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My name is Kevin Pearce and I'm the creator of Snowboardprocamp. Since 2011 I've been producing snowboard tutorials for beginner to advanced riders. I taught snowboarding for over ten years and it was the best experience of my life. My reason for creating Snowboardprocamp was so that I could share that experience and make snowboarding accessible to people. I was full-time snowboard coach in Whistler B.C for the eight years. I taught on the mountain five days a week, freeriding with students and teaching them tricks in the terrain park. In the terrain park I have experience teaching everything from beginner tricks in the small park to more advanced tricks on larger jumps. I have extensive alpine knowledge, where I took students through secret powder stashes and off cliff drops. I'm also very experienced teaching beginner riders on their first day and progressing them to an advanced level. Whistler was a great place for me to develop my riding and teaching skills because of the size of our mountains, the amount of snow we get each year, and our long season from November to May. If you're looking to get into snowboarding or progress your riding, subscribe to this page, check out the videos, and stay tuned!