Snowboard Exercises

5 Snowboard Exercises for Beginner Training

5 Snowboard Exercises for Beginner Training

5 snowboard exercises that will get you ready for your first day of snowboarding. On your first day of riding you’ll be learning a lot of new snowboard skills and using muscles that you may not normally use. These five exercises will get your body ready specifically for those new skills.
The first snowboard exercise to do is squats, which will strengthen your legs, your core, and also challenge your balance. You spend a lot of time in a squat position while snowboarding, especially when your doing heel sliding and heel turns. For good squat technique make sure you keep your knees apart, bend like your sitting in a chair, and keep your head looking up.
The next exercise to prepare you for you first day is bicycles. You’ll spend most of your time on your first day standing up from a seated position in the snow, and training bicycles will strengthen your core and make this a lot easier. While doing the the bicycles make sure you keep your head up and you’re not pulling your neck forward.
The third snowboard exercise is lunges which is another great exercise for strengthening your legs, core and improving your balance. The muscles you use for lunges are the some ones you’ll us when learning to skate and walk up hills. For a proper lunge make sure the knee you bend forward stays over your ankle and doesn’t go passed your toes.
The next exercise is bridges which will build the strength in your hips. You’ll used this forward hip strength when learning to toe slide and turn turn. Having your hips forward keeps you in a balanced body position over your board, with your knees bent and back straight. The key to bridges is to use the front of your thighs to bring you hips into the air.
The final snowboard exercise is push ups, which will prepare you for pushing yourself up off the snow, on your toe edge. For good push up technique try to keep your body in a straight line, with your head looking a bit forward. You can modify push ups to make them easier by keeping your knees on the ground.
Get into a routine of doing these five snowboard exercises before your first day riding and your body will be much more prepared to learn these snowboard skills, plus you’ll be less tired and sore at the end of the day, which will set you up to ride again the next day. Thanks for watching guys, I hope you give these a try, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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My name is Kevin Pearce and I'm the creator of Snowboardprocamp. Since 2011 I've been producing snowboard tutorials for beginner to advanced riders. I taught snowboarding for over ten years and it was the best experience of my life. My reason for creating Snowboardprocamp was so that I could share that experience and make snowboarding accessible to people. I was full-time snowboard coach in Whistler B.C for the eight years. I taught on the mountain five days a week, freeriding with students and teaching them tricks in the terrain park. In the terrain park I have experience teaching everything from beginner tricks in the small park to more advanced tricks on larger jumps. I have extensive alpine knowledge, where I took students through secret powder stashes and off cliff drops. I'm also very experienced teaching beginner riders on their first day and progressing them to an advanced level. Whistler was a great place for me to develop my riding and teaching skills because of the size of our mountains, the amount of snow we get each year, and our long season from November to May. If you're looking to get into snowboarding or progress your riding, subscribe to this page, check out the videos, and stay tuned!

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  1. not a big deal or anything but when you were doing the squats I noticed you had your knees coming out over your toes, which doesn’t work out the legs as much

  2. I’m just getting back into snow boarding and I am looking forward to going out for the first time in a few years, I was a beginner when I stopped for a bit so I’m a little nervous to get back on the hill, and I want to be as prepared as possible.
    However I noticed that squats, although a good balance exercise might be even more effective if combined with wall sits that might help strengthen the legs and thighs even more,

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