How To 50-50 Snowboard Tutorial

How to 50-50 a Box | Snowboard Tutorial Video

How to 50-50 a Box | Snowboard Tutorial Video

50-50 is a great beginner trick and will get you started hitting boxes in the terrain park.  I break down the 50-50 into three parts, the approach, on the box, and landing. I’ll also show you the progression so you can learn this trick quickly and safely.
You want to approach the box with the right amount of speed and in a straight line with your snowboard flat. To control your speed do a few speed checks on your way to the box. 50-50 is easier with a bit of speed which will help you slide all the way to the end. Plan on doing one or two speed checks, and then leave yourself enough space to point your snowboard straight and flat. You want to have your snowboard pointed straight and flat a good distance before the box so that you’re not trying to adjust your board that the last second.
On the box you want to keep your snowboard flat, and pointed straight. To keep your board flat make sure your knees are bent and your back is straight. This will keep your weight in the center of your snowboard. To keep your snowboard going straight make sure your back hand is over your tail and front hand is over your nose, with your head looking forward. If your shoulders are facing forward on the box, then your snowboard will try and turn sideways to match your shoulder. This is why it’s important to have your hand over your snowboard to stay straight.
For the landing you want come off the box smooth and in control. Let your snowboard smoothly slide off the box and absorb the landing by bending your knees. Once you land get ready to do a heel turn to control your speed and ride away clean. I prefer to do a heel turn after the landing, this way you can easily see any obstacles that may be in your way.
To learn the 50-50 safely, you want to first practicing them on the snow outside the park. You should be super confident doing speed checks on the snow, and riding with your snowboard straight, flat and with some speed. You always want to master the skills of a trick outside the park on the snow, before bringing it to a feature in terrain park.
Good luck with this trick guys! You can leave me any question you have about this trick in the comment box, or you can send me a video of you doing the trick and I’ll give you some feedback on that. If this video helped you and you want to support Snowboardprocamp; like, share and favorite this video. Thanks for watching!

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