Backside 180 Snowboarding Trick

How to Backside 180 in the Park – Snowboarding Tricks

How to Backside 180 in the Park – Snowboarding Tricks

Tips┬áto Backside 180 in the terrain park. 180’s are the first spin you want to learn in the park and the first trick where you land switch. I’m going to break down each part of the backside 180,show you how you can practicing 180’s outside the terrain park and how you can practice right now at home.I break down the backside 180 into 4 parts. The approach, takeoff, rotation and landing.

On the approach plan your turns up to the lip, so you can spin off your toe edge. Do a heel turn before the kicker then a toe turn on the kicker. Arrive at the lip on you toe edge, with your snowboard pointed straight.
Takeoff from the lip by popping level off your toe edge. Popping level off both feet will give you the time in the air to get the 180 around. A level pop will also keep you level in the air and set you up for a level landing.
Rotate off the lip to get the backside 180 spin around. As you approach the lip have your shoulders slightly facing forward, then as you pop off the lip rotate your shoulders backward. Your snowboard will follow your shoulders as you rotate from 0 to 90 to 180 degrees. If you don’t rotate enough you can twist your body to finish the 180.
As the 180 comes around look down to spot your landing. Get ready to absorb the landing by bending your knees. If your take off was level off you toes then your landing should be level and a bit on your heels. Make sure your switch riding is solid so you can ride out the 180 clean.
There are a lot of 180 skills you can practice outside the park. Practice the rotation and pop by spinning 180’s off the flat ground, as you ride across the slope and off the carpet at home. Make sure your carving turns are solid for the approach and your switch riding is solid for the landing. You can find links to all these videos in the description below. If you guys have any question or if you have any tips for doing back 180’s you can leave them in comment section. Thanks for watching and subscribe to see upcoming trick videos.

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