Butter Nose Roll Snowboard Tutorial

How to Butter Nose Roll – Snowboarding Tricks

How to Butter Nose Roll – Snowboarding Tricks

In this video I’ve got some tips for doing a butter nose roll. This is a fun beginner trick that you can practice on the slope without a terrain park. The butter nose roll is a good intro to butters and will set you up to learn more butter snowboard tricks. To help you learn this trick I’ll focus on the two main parts, pressing into your nose, and twisting your hips to bring your tail around.
To press into your nose, start by bending your front knee and moving your hips over your nose. This will get most of your weight over your nose and make it easy to get your tail into the air. If you’re not used to doing nose presses, find a flat area where you can practice them. For the nose roll you’ll be riding into the press from a heel turn, this will put more pressure on your heel edge at the start of the press, then as your board comes around, the pressure will level out, until you’re fully committed and on your switch toe edge. To get extra height on you nose roll bend both knees, then just before you commit to the nose press, extend your back leg. This will give you a bit of spring off your tail and get your board higher into the air.
To get the nose roll around you need to turn your upper body and twist at your hips. Start by turning your upper body forward. With your upper body turned you can now twist at your hips, to bring your tail around. Commitment is key, so make sure your confident with switch riding. To get comfortable with this motion you can practice twisting your board as you ride. Then bring the nose roll together by adding in the nose press on a flat area. Timing is key for completing the nose roll, twisting your hips as you commit to the nose press.
Have fun out there learning the butter nose roll! If you wanna learn more butter tricks you can check out the butter playlist. Leave your questions and comments below! Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up, share it with your friends and subscribe to check out upcoming tricks videos. Thanks for watching and I’ll see ya in the next video.

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