Hip Jump Snowboarding Tutorial

How to Hit a Hip Jump – Snowboarding Tricks

How to Hit a Hip Jump – Snowboarding Tricks

In this video I’ve got some tips for hitting a hip jump. A hip jump is a lot of fun because regardless of the size of the hip, you decide how big you want to go on it. A hip jump can also be tough to learn because of change in angle between the takeoff and landing. I’ll break down the hip jump so you’ll know exactly how to takeoff and what do in the air so you can stomp the landing.
To start you need know where to takeoff and where to land. It’s common when beginners first hit a hip to takeoff from the side, but this will leave you landing on the flats and possible crashing. For hips you always want takeoff straight from the top, and land near the top on the steepest part of the hip. Even if you don’t get any air you still want to practice riding to the top and down the steep part. It may take a few try’s to get your speed right just to make it to the top. As you get comfortable on the hip you can ride in with more speed to go bigger and land further along the top. If the hip jump at your local resort is small, make sure you don’t go too big and clear the entire hip.
In the air you need to turn your body and board to match the angle of the landing. For a frontside air, take off with your body in a neutral position, then in the air start to open up and turn your body forward. You can see when I land that my back is facing the camera. To help you turn in the air, you can turn your front shoulder toward the angle you want to land on. For a backside air takeoff with a neutral body position, then turn your front shoulder in to match the landing. You can also keep you back hand back to help angle your board to the landing You can see that my chest is now facing the camera as I ride down the landing.
If you’re not ready for the park and you want to work your way up to hitting the hip jump you can start by riding up banks beside the run, doing a jump, and riding down the bank. You’ll use the same skills to change direction in the air that you do on a hip. Leave any question you have about hip jumps below or suggestions for video you want to see made. Thanks for watching and I’ll see ya in the next video.

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