How to Ollie Snowboard Tutorial

How to Ollie Higher on a Snowboard – Tutorial Video

How to Ollie Higher on a Snowboard – Tutorial Video

Learn how to Ollie higher on a snowboard with this tutorial video. I was going through some of my snowboard footage and I came across some footage of me and my buddies trying to see who could Ollie the highest. So I thought I would share that footage with you guys and use to to give you guys some tips on how you can Ollie higher. So this this my buddy Garrett and he’s about to Ollie passed me and the first thing I want to point out is how much he’s flexing his board. So he’s really driving all his weight back over his tail and then extending his back leg and springing off his tail. Using the tail of his board like its spring. Snowboards are actually build with a lot more pop in this area, with the idea that you’re going to use it in your ollies. So that’s the first part, the second part is look at how much he’s sucking up his knees in the air. Especially his back knee. . This is gonna give him a lot more height, a lot more air time, and just keep him more compact and balanced in the air.Bending your knees like this will also make it allot easier to go for grabs if you were on a jump. Another thing that’s helping him get more air is he’s really using his arms. Just like if you were jumping on the spot, you’re not going jump with your arm glued to your sides, you’re going to use your arm to build moment and help you get into the air. You can see that as he comes in for the Ollie he brings his arms down as he bends his knees, then reaches up with the Ollie to get into the air. The final thing that’s helping him get more air is he’s actually coming into the ollie with some speed. For yourself this may be something that you have to build up too, and go at your own pace as you feel confident, but more speed will definitely help you get more air, and carry your ollie further down the run. Well, I hope these tips will give you an idea of how to ollie higher. If you found this video helpful remember to like, comment and subscribe, check out the trick playlist for more trick tips! and i’ll see ya in the next video!

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My name is Kevin Pearce and I'm the creator of Snowboardprocamp. Since 2011 I've been producing snowboard tutorials for beginner to advanced riders. I taught snowboarding for over ten years and it was the best experience of my life. My reason for creating Snowboardprocamp was so that I could share that experience and make snowboarding accessible to people. I was full-time snowboard coach in Whistler B.C for the eight years. I taught on the mountain five days a week, freeriding with students and teaching them tricks in the terrain park. In the terrain park I have experience teaching everything from beginner tricks in the small park to more advanced tricks on larger jumps. I have extensive alpine knowledge, where I took students through secret powder stashes and off cliff drops. I'm also very experienced teaching beginner riders on their first day and progressing them to an advanced level. Whistler was a great place for me to develop my riding and teaching skills because of the size of our mountains, the amount of snow we get each year, and our long season from November to May. If you're looking to get into snowboarding or progress your riding, subscribe to this page, check out the videos, and stay tuned!