10 Snowboarding Tricks to Learn First – Tutorial Video

10 Snowboarding Tricks to Learn First – Tutorial Video

In this video I’m going to give you a list of the first ten snowboarding tricks to learn on your snowboard. These snowboarding tricks are in order and each trick will teach you a skill that you’ll use in the next trick on the list. When practicing these tricks safety is the biggest priority, so make sure the landing is clear of other riders.
The first trick you need to learn on your snowboard is how to press. By pressing you’ll learn how to move your weight around and flex your board. Pressing down a run will challenge your balance as you pick up speed while you’re in the press.
Next your want to learn to Ollie. Practice ollies around the mountain to get comfortable in the air, which will prepare you for jumps in the park. Use the same skills as the press to move your weight back over your tail and spring yourself into the air.
Before heading to the park you want to learn to spin 180’s. The 180 will challenge you to use your edges, teach you how to create rotation, and make you land switch. Start with front 180’s because you can see the takeoff and landing the entire time. Then move onto back 180’s which can be easier because you’re jumping from your toe edge, but can be more difficult at the same time because the landing is blind.
Combine your pressing and 180 skills together to do a butter nose roll. This is another fun trick for outside the park and can be done almost anywhere on the run. Butter tricks in general are a lot of fun to learn and challenge your balance and body awareness!
Now that you have five strong tricks mastered outside the park it’s time to learn a trick on a small jump. Make sure you’re confident with your straight air before trying any tricks. The first trick to learn is an Indy Grab. Indy grabs are very straight forward, bending your knees and reaching your back hand straight down to grab your board.
The flat box is another popular terrain park feature and the first trick to learn on it, is a 5050. The 5050 will teach you how it feels to slide across the plastic of the box. T be successful at 5050’s, use the speed and balanced you’ve learned from doing previous ground tricks.
Next, learn how to frontside shifty on a jump. With the shifty you’re learning how to twist your body in the air. This is a skill that’s used a lot for landing 180’s and 360’s off jumps. The twisting motion is a skill which is also used in the next trick, the Backside Boardslide.
The Back boardslide is a challenging trick because you have to keep your weight centered as you slide sideways across the box. As you get more comfortable with this trick you can start to add your own style to it.
Once you have a few snowboarding tricks down on flat boxes and small jumps head back outside the park to learn front 360’s. The front 3 is a great goal to have for your first season of learning tricks. You’ll use all the skills you’ve learned in previous tricks to spin faster, jump higher and stay balanced to get the 360 around.
To get started, make a snowboarding tricks list and work through these snowboarding tricks one at a time. If you need help with any of these tricks make a 15 second instagram video of the trick you’re working on and use #mytricklist and tag @snowboardprocamp and I’ll give you some feedback on the trick. For video’s to help you learn all these tricks you can check out the trick playlist. Or if you’re not quiet ready check out the “5 Skills Video” which will prepare you to learn jumps and tricks.

10 Tricks for Preseason Snowboard Training

10 Tricks for Preseason Snowboard Training Video

10 tricks and skills to practice for preseason snowboard training. Doing this kind of off preseason snowboard training can refresh yours snowboard skills and get you in the mindset to learn new snowboard tricks.
1. Tail Press
The first two trick you can practice are nose and tail presses. These are great skills you can use on the snow, rail and in butters. To get int the press move your hips over your tail, while you bend your leg. A soft or reverse camber board will help you get into the press.
3. Jump (Pop)
Bend your knees, then jump even off your front and back foot. Suck your knees up and keep your board level.
4. Ollie
Move you weight back over your tail, then extend off your back foot. As you spring off your tail suck both knees up to get your board level in the air.
5. Nollie
Move your weight over your nose, then extend your front foot. As you spring off your nose suck both knees up to get your board level in the air.
6. Front 180
For the front 180 start by turning your body forward, then jump even off both feet and twist your hips to bring your board around.
7. Back 180
For the back 180 start by turning your upper body back toward your tail, then jump even off both feet and twist your hips to bring your board around.
8. Nollie 180

Combine a Nollie and twisting 180 to get the Nollie 180.
9. Tripod
For the Tripod turn your upper body and reach down to plant your hands behind your tail. Move all your weight out over your tail to flex your board.
10. Grabs
Practice grabbing your board in different places get used to how each grab feels and build you muscle memory so you’ll know how it should feel in the air.