3 Skills to Improve Beginner Snowboard Turns – Tutorial Video

3 Skills to Improve Beginner Snowboard Turns

In this video I’m going to give you three skills which will take your beginner snowboard turns to the next level. These skills will allow you to ride with more speed, stay in better control and ride with more a rhythm.

The first skill is to start spaying snow out the side of each turn. Spraying snow will help you to control yours speed early in the turn. When you’re a beginner you turn your board completely sideways and spray snow downhill at the end of the turn. To spray snow out the side get your board on edge early, and put pressure on your edge to spay the snow. Each time you spray snow out the side you’ll be controlling your speed and your board will stay pointed downhill.
The second skill is to steer your board faster. This will allow you to make smaller turns, which you need on more advanced runs. When your a beginner you steer your board gradually, which is only good on easy runs. To steer your board faster use your front knee. Turn your knee in for your toe turn, and turn your knee out for the heel turn. Your back hand also helps to steer your board. For the heel turn your back hand comes forward, and on your toe turn pull your hand backward, keeping your hand over snowboards tail. *In all my years of teaching I find that pulling your hand back is one of the most useful tools for steering at all levels. Using your back hand to steer will also keep your upper body square to your snowboard, which is the best way to stay balanced over your board.
The third skill is to create a rhythm in your turns. This will ensure that you’re controlling your speed equally on your heels and toes. When you’re just beginning your turns are very stop and start and it’s hard to create any type of rhythm. The easiest way I find to create a rhythm is to simply count to three in your head as you turn. By counting to three you’ll know when to start, finish and set up the next turn. After counting in your head for a few runs, your turns will be even and you won’t need to count anymore.
So good luck adding these three skills into your riding! If you have any question feel free to leave them in the comment section. If you want any feedback on your turns you can connect with me on Instagram and tag me in a 15 second Instagram video of you turning with the #mysnowboardturns. Give this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful. Thanks as always for watching and I’ll see ya in the next video!