How To Back Boardslide to Fakie – Snowboarding Tricks

How To Backside Boardslide to Fakie – Snowboarding Tricks

Learn how to backside boardslide to fakie. This is one of the first trick you can try on a box. To help you guy, I’m going to show you the three skills you need to learn before trying this trick. I’ll also break it down and give you the key for landing this your first try.
So there are three skills you need to learn for this tricks. The first skill is switch riding and it a must for having the confidence to commit to the switch landing. The second key is to practice the boarslide movement as you ride. This is a safe way to practice, and build your muscle memory. The third skill is to have frontside 180’s mastered. This is basically the same trick as the back boardslide, but your rotating in the air, instead of on a box.
Know lets break down the boardslide. For the approach do a one or two turns to set your speed, and arrive at the box doing a mellow heel turn, slightly on your heel edge. From your heels you can do a small hop onto the box and continue the boardslide in the same direction as the heel turn.
To get the boardslide around you want to take your back shoulder, and turn it around until it becomes your new front shoulder. Keep your core stiff as you turn so your legs and board follow.
The key to success on your first attempt is to land with your board flat and be balanced over your board. With your knees bent, butt out, back arched slightly, and shoulder and hands over your toe edge. You can practice this on the snow or at home and get used to the feeling of landing with your board flat and weight balanced. You can even see what if feel like to land unbalanced and heavy on your heels.
So, have fun learning back boardslides to switch out. Remember to first master the three skills. Then break the boardslide down to be successful on your first attempt. Leave any question in the comment section . Thumbs up this video if it helped you out. Check us out on Instagram for the latest contests. Remember to subscribe guys and I’ll see ya next time!