How To Get Good At Snowboarding – Tutorial Video

How To Get Good At Snowboarding

In this video I want to talk to you about how to get better at snowboarding. This sounds like a bit of an abstract topic, but there are definitely some concrete strategies you can use to get better. In my years of snowboarding I have learned something the hard way, but I’ve also discovered some secrets that top snowboarders use. So whether you are trying to learn a new trick, want more confidence to hit a jump, or just want to progress your riding I think these tips will definitely help.
The first thing is to ride with a crew of snowboarders who all motivate each other. If the current people you ride with aren’t interested in progressing or would rather hang out in the chalet then you might need to switch things up. In my experience the days I pushed my snowboarding the hardest was when I was riding with friends who were pushing their riding just as hard. You feed off that energy and enthusiasm and it motivates you to ride better. And if your friends are better than you, then you have someone with experience to learn from.
Next you want to keep in mind the 10,000 hours rule. This is the idea that if you want to be an expert or a pro and something you have to put that much time in. I’m not saying you have to spend 10,000 hours snowboarding , but it shows that all the pro riders out there weren’t born with some snowboard talent, they simply put in more time than anyone else. And if you have the chance to put that much time in you can get to that level too.
Whether you are working on your tuns or a specific trick its important to break it down into all the individual parts. For example If your goal is to butter 180 there are so many parts working together to make that trick happen. A big goal of this channel is to help break things down and show how you all the pieces fit together. I can remember spending days practice my switch riding because I knew it was a big part of the butter 180 and a lot of other tricks. It’s the same for turning, simply take a step back and see which part you need to work on.
One of the mistakes I see people make is trying to learn by always going bigger. For example When I first learned to front 3 I did it on a small jump, then medium then large and extra large. I was doing front 360’s on XL jumps before I could even back 3 at all. So I went back and learned back 3’s and cab spins, grabs, and shifty. and I found out that There was about 20 or more tricks I could learn on the small jump, before stepping up in size. By learning this way you’ll have more confidence when it’s time to hit bigger jumps and you’ll have a lot more tricks to work on too.
Finally, and this might sound kinda funny but you actually need to be really good at failing to become a good snowboarder. The best days for me are when I’m trying something new and taking bails in the process. It’s not about how many times you land a trick, but how many times you fall, and try again. This doesn’t mean that you should set yourself up for failure. But if you do all the preparation and still fail, it’s the person who willing to get up and try again who will achieve their goals. (Falling Clips Jacky)
So I hope you can use these 5 strategies to get better at snowboarding! Give this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful. Connect with me on Instagram to share photos and video, and if you want any feedback on your riding. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video!