How to Frontside Boardslide Snowboarding – Tutorial Video

How to Frontside Boardslide Snowboarding – Tutorial Video

In this video I want to teach you how to frontside Boardslide. The frontside boardslide is a really fun trick because you can make them stylish and you can add them into combinations with other tricks. Front boards can seem difficult to learn at first, because your snowboard is sliding backwards. But I’ve got a few tips which will make learning front boards easy.

To start lets break down the trick into two parts. The first part is the twist. To get your board sideways you need to push your back foot out, and at the same time reach your back hand the opposite way. This twisting motion will get your snowboard sideways and lock in the trick. You can start off with a small twist, then as you progress make the twist bigger, getting your frontside boardslide completely sideways. As you come off the box simply untwist your body to ride out straight.

The second part of the front board is where you put your weight. Keep your knees bent and back fairly straight so your weight is centered and your snowboard slides flat.  If your legs are too straight and your waist is bent then you could slide out on your toes.  Your weight also needs to be bit more over your front foot. With you weight over your front foot it will be much easier to push out your back foot.

To make learning front boards easy, you first have to take them outside the park. Practice the twisting motion on the snow, and in the air. Practice outside the park until you are super comfortable. Then when you take it to a small box the motion will feel natural. You can even 5050 onto the box first, then twist out the boardslide.

Try this trick out and let me know how it goes. Leave any question you have in the comment box and tell me what trick video I should make next. Thanks for watching and for supporting Snowboardprocamp!