10 Snowboard Hacks Video


10 Snowboard Hacks

In this video I want to share with you guys 10 snowboard hacks. A hack is basically an very easy solution to a big or annoying problem. I’ve learned these snowboard hacks over the years from friends or just through trial and error.
The first snowboard hack is for sore feet. I think everyone has experienced this and It’s cause by locking your foot into a tight space. An easy solution is to loosen up the bottom half of your boot. This will give your foot room to move around and relieve that pain. Keep the top section of your boot tight to maintain responsiveness as you ride.
The next hack is for foggy goggles. Goggle fog can be super annoying and dangerous if you can’t see where you’re going. This is caused by your breath going up into your goggles, or when you put your goggles on you forehead where most of you body heat escapes from. Get rid of the fog by pulling your face mask down to make a clear air way for you breath and if you do need to take your goggles off take them right off your head.
With so many pieces of equipment to remember your bound to forget stuff and something I’ve forgotten a few times is a belt. This can be annoying because snowboard pants are heavy especially if you get them wet, making them hard to keep up as you ride. A quick fix is to take the lace out of your shoe and use that as a belt to keep you pants high for the day.
A big problem on the mountain that you may not realize is dehydration. Because your up on the mountain in the cold you might not feel thirsty and go without drinking. Dehydration can make you feel drowsy and could affect your riding. I try and take a water break every few hours and this helps me to stay more alert an keep my energy levels up!
While your in for some water you may be temping to have a big lunch in the chalet. A big lunch can slow you down on your board and it can be expensive too. Pack some fruit or energy bars for snacks as you ride and save the big meals for before and after.
One of the danger of getting on the chairlift is your high back being broken. This happens because the space between the chair and the snow can be narrow, and if you high back is sticking up it can get crushed by the weight of the chair. To prevent this, kick your high back down every time you get on the chair.
When you’re walking to the mountain it can be tough to carry all the things you need like you helmet, goggle and gloves. I always stick my gloves and goggle into my helmet, string them through the helmet strap, then clip the strap to my belt buckle. Now I can walk to the mountain with my hands free to carry my board.
So when you’re just starting out it can be awkward to carry your snowboard. The best technique is to grab your board so your binding is resting on your forearm. This can cause another problem though, which is your board rubbing against your jacket and possibly creating a hole. So, make sure that you carry your board away from your body, so it doesn’t rub on your jacket. You can also carry your snowboard by your binding, kinda like a briefcase.
The next hack is for riding with ear buds. I love to snowboard and listen to music but sometime if the mountain is busy I like to be able to hear the people around me, to avoid a possible collision. So I’ll take one ear bud out, then I can listen to music and hear what’s around me.
One of the most common ways I see boards get damaged is when people leave their snowboard against a wall and then the board slide over or get knocked over by accident. Put your board on the ski rack or if there’s no rack lean your board into a corner.
An annoying problem is when you forget to wax your board and your board sticks to the snow as you ride. Save a wasted day by carrying a stick of rub on wax with you. It only takes a few seconds to apply and keeps your board running fast all day, until the next time you can get a hot wax.
I hope these 10 snowboard hacks help you out. If you have any snowboard hacks it would be great to hear about them in the comment section. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video!