Top 5 Butter Snowboarding Tricks Tutorial Video

Top 5 Butter Snowboarding Tricks – Snowboard Tutorial

Top 5 Butter Snowboarding Tricks

In this video I’m going to show you the top 5 butter snowboarding tricks to add to your trick list. Butter snowboarding tricks are fun because you can do them anywhere, and there are so many different variations.
The first butter snowboarding tricks to start with are nose and tail presses. Pressing is the base of all butter tricks. The key to a good press is moving your weight over the nose or tail of your board. You can start by practicing your presses at home, then take them to a mellow slope. A flexible board will make pressing a lot easier.
Next, combing pressing with rotation for spinning butter snowboarding tricks. The key for this trick is to wind your body up and rotate to create spin, as you lock in the press. Being able to 180 or 360 will help for winding up and timing the rotation. Avoid catching your edge as you spin by keeping more pressure on your up hill edge. Start small by spinning 180, then once your comfortable see how many spins you can link together.
Add another level of difficulty to your butters by doing butter 180’s. The butter 180 combines pressing, 180’s and ollies all together. You need solid switch riding for this trick because you’re landing the 180 switch and continuing the trick with a cab 180. Practice your switch riding, cab 180’s and switch ollies to help you master this trick.
Tripods are taking your Butters passed your tail and to the ground. The key for tripods is to move all of your weight behind your board. Plant your hands in the snow and push your board out to get full extension. You can practice getting into the tripod on a flat area, but I actual think this trick easier on a steeper runs, where you don’t have to lean over as far to touch the snow.
Once you have tripods master you can take them to the next level of laziness with the Layback. Laybacks are just a fun trick without too much technical stuff going on. The only key for the is trick is flexibility, so take some time to stretch out before trying this on the slope. Make sure you’ve got a clear path because there’s no quick stops once you get the layback pointed.
Have fun working through each of these butter snowboarding tricks and adding them to your trick list. To share photo’s or videos of your butters connect on Instagram and use the hashtag #mytricklist. For full video’s with tips on how to do all these tricks check out the Snowboard Trick playlist. Give this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful. Thanks for watching guys and I’ll see ya in the next video.

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